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How To Wake Up To Leads With No Legwork by Kevin Mead
Discover the fastest way to schedule calls with qualified leads!

Paul Kolecki

14 Year Singing Coach
"After 2 days of running ads and around $100 in adspend, I got a lead that converted into $3000+ Great work! Kevin is very easy to work with and has great instinct."

Matt Nieto

Wrestling Gym Founder
"Within a week and less than $40, Kevin's system got us 10 new leads and a client which paid us monthly what we put in!"
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What if you could wake up to new leads scheduled in your phone for the day? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if they had already gone through all the questions you have for them and all you have to ask them is two questions to close?  

My name is Kevin, and those are questions I used to ask myself when I woke up wondering how I’d get clients each day.

Just imagine if you had a system that did that for you. How much would your business grow?  

 Unfortunately, getting qualified clients online isn’t as easy as online gurus make it out to be.

 We have to set up systems that are time consuming and sometimes don’t work at all despite people telling us they’re foolproof.

 Meanwhile you have bills to pay and can’t wait on all of those “online tricks” to pay off.

 Talk about stress…

 If you’ve ever felt that frustration in finding new qualified clients, then I can relate to you perfectly.
 Just like you, I struggled with sales - until I found the secret. 

After trying to up my SEO and social media outreach, I realized that “one thing” like everyone was selling wouldn’t do me any good. I needed to figure out a system that would work together seamlessly.

 I took months and thousands to figure out how to weave all the tools available online together. 

I started telling friends and family and what happened next shocked me. Some people were BEGGING me to set up their sales system so they could wake up to leads… Others were really skeptical that it was even possible....

My webinar will go through the systems I use to weave all the amazing tools out there into one cohesive and simple system.

 Just click the button below, and reserve your spot for this life-changing webinar. I promise it will be worth it.

About Me
I come from a development background originally. My first company was an app company two years ago. We had spent months on a product and once we finished, we realized we couldn't sell it! 

That's when I saw how important this thing called sales was. Coming from a development background, no one gave the salespeople the satisfaction of telling them that a product shouldn't be developed if we couldn't sell it. 

We then created our first agency. An app and website development agency and everything went well for a couple months with me on sales.

 I ran all the sales for the agency. Which meant everything was on me when our referrals ran dry.  
You see, I thought I would keep getting new clients forever and as soon as they stopped I realized how wrong I was.
I was flailing for an entire summer trying to find sales until I realized I was going about it all wrong!

I tried everything that online gurus were telling me but I realized that these "magic bullets" they were selling didn't work at all alone.

I needed to build an automated system to weave all these concepts together. From that point, I began a student of sales. 

Once I figured out the system I use now, I was happy with the leads I was generating, but people kept asking me to help them out. So I decided I had to help people who were the same sales droughts like I was in.

That's where Salestream was founded. I now help business owners automate their customer acquisition to save them all the time they usually spend on sales legwork. 

Amiti Bhow - Partner at Sky Rock Financial
"It was a pleasure working with Kevin at Salestream. He was patient in understanding our goals and all the details we wanted. His turnaround with requests is lightning quick and he's been an outstanding partner on getting us from vision to reality!"
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